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Tuesday, September 17, 1996 (Meeting No. 30)

Office of the Auditor General of Canada:

Thursday, September 19, 1996 (Meeting No. 31)

SustainABILITY: A National Communications Program in Support of Sustainable Development:

Tuesday, September 24, 1996 (Meeting No. 32)

Department of Environment Canada:

Wednesday, September 25, 1996 (Meeting No. 33)

Environment Canada:


Sierra Club of Canada:

Tuesday, October 1, 1996 (Meeting No. 34)

Department of Fisheries and Ocean:

Department of Natural Resources Canada:

Thursday, October 3, 1996 (Meeting No. 35)

German Bundestag:

German Embassy:

KPMG Management Consultants:

Tuesday, October 8, 1996 (Meeting No. 36)

Roundtable No. 1: Biotechnology: Product, Process and Risk

Canadian Institute of Biotechnology:

Carleton University:

Consumers' Association of Canada:

Department of Environment Canada:

Environmental Law Centre (Alberta Society):

National Agriculture Environment Committee:

National Research Council:

Toronto Food Policy Council:

University of Guelph:

Roundtable No. 2: Regulatory Options and Risk Communication

AgrEvo Canada Inc.:

Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy:

Department of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada:

Department of Environment Canada:

Department of Health Canada:

Department of Industry Canada:

«Fédération nationale des associations de consommateurs du Québec»:

Lewis Consultant Ltd.:

Queen's University:

University of Waterloo:

Tuesday, October 8, 1996 (Meeting No. 37)

Roundtable No. 3: Ethical Considerations

Catholic Rural Life Ministry:

Food Biotechnology Centre:

Industrial Biotechnology Association of Canada:

McGill University Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law:

University of Guelph:

Westminster Institute for Ethics and Human Values:

As individuals: